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Pam Ayres - The Fig Pam Ayres frontrunner to play the first female James Bond  The West Country writer, poet and broadcaster has emerged as the clear favourite to play the world's most famous secret agent... (more)

Hasselhoff Denier  - The FigDavid Irving starts jail sentence for 'Hasselhoff Denial'  The disgraced historian continues to dispute the role that David Hasselhoff played in the re-unification of Berlin... (m ore)

David Cronenberg to write and direct Keith Harris biopic

19/02/2012 11:27
Controversial Canadian director David Cronenberg has announced plans for his next major feature, a dramatisation of the life and work of the British ventriloquist and entertainer Keith Harris. Between them, Cronenberg and...

Pensioner appalled by husband's Internet Explorer history

17/02/2012 15:26
Thanks to recently acquired IT skills gleaned from a free internet course at her local Adult Education Centre, octogenarian Dorothy Ledger unwittingly stumbled across a trail of scatological-themed pornographic web sites left by her husband's...

Trooping the dogmess: rogue bowel-movement derails military ceremony

01/10/2011 16:42
Trooping the colour, the annual military ceremony performed by the Commonwealth and British Army, has survived fainting guardsmen and assassination attempts. But over 200 years of regal tradition was nearly undone at this year's Troop as regiments...
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Lacing the cheese & pineapple chunks with MDMA (92)

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Urinating over effigy of Professor Richard Dawkins (89)

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Terry "can't promise not to moon" when England Squad visit Auschwitz.

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