'Would Like To Meet' team suggest Merrick "tries an eighties flange"

01/09/2011 20:36

In the revamped series of the BBC show 'Would Like To Meet', hosts Lowri Turner and Tracey Cox have suggested that neurofibromatosis sufferer/Victorian curiousity John Merrick should "try an eighties 'flange' haircut".

Merrick tries an eighties Flange - The FigGrotesque, disturbing, but ultimately sympathetic. Yet despite this, Phil Oakey's disfiguring haircut (left) has yet to be the focus of an oscar winning film.

In the new series of the show, which starts in November following a seven year absence from the screen, relationship 'experts' Turner and Cox dispense advice to famous singletons from the past, who are brought to life using cutting-edge CGI techniques.

In the first episode, Tracey Cox, herself married to Canadian professional sportsman for an entire 4 years, urges a computerised John Merrick to look beyond "what are the superficial abnormalities of his outward appearance, and instead cultivate a wacky personna."

"The whole retro-eighties zeitgeist is huge right now" added Turner, "and it would indicate to potential suitors that John is a edgy, ironic guy with a great sense of humour.

"Sufficiently cultivated, it would also be used to cover-up much of the severe tumour-like hyperostosis growth across his skull".

The eighties flange,  a lopsided geometric hairstyle now synonomous with the New Romantic pop movement, was popularised by Phil Oakey of The Human League. Like Merrick, Oakey occasionally wore a bag to avoid public ridicule.

Turner, also a relationship 'expert' who uses encourages the use of Hypnotherapy to "end the misery of emotional eating, bingeing, cravings and self-sabotaging behaviour", is twice divorced.