Truss splits the infinitive: grammar Nazi makes rap debut

12/09/2011 09:13

Lynn Truss, the bestselling author of the book "Eats Shoots And Leaves", today defended her decision to appear on a controversial rap album that encourages young vulnerable adults to reject a life of crime and to return to higher education.

Lynne Truss - The FigTruss appears with eighties rap star MC Tunes on the opening track 'Tell Yo' Bitch To Check Her Possessive Apostrophe'.

Truss duets with eighties rapper MC Tunes  on an album that's full of bizarre collaborations, teaming stars from the world of rap with well known authors and scientists.

Speaking at the album's launch party at a community centre in downtown Compton - home town of the notorious gangsta rap group 'Niggaz With Attitude' - Truss declined to comment on the homophobia and sexism that's inherent in rap. Instead, she was quick to point out the "Rigid, grammatical conventions that rap defined and still adheres to nearly 20 years later. The genre has developed an almost Chomskyan deep structure within the space of 15 years, with its own transformative syntax."

West Coast G-Funk pioneer and Eminem mentor Dr Dre, who was hosting the event, acknowledged that Truss's contributions "encourage vulnerable teenagers to reject crime and also bring rap to new audiences", before inviting the mother of two to "come over here and suck my big black dick".

Truss is one of the many high-profile celebrities from the world of literature, academia and entertainment, who've been coaxed into offering their questionable rap skills to the project free of charge. Judith Hann, who presented BBC's Tomorrow's World between 1974 and 1994, duets with ex-Public Enemy turntablist Terminator X on the history flavoured track "A Brief History Of Rhyme".

However, critics agree that the highlight of the album is a beyond the grave contribution from the late scientist Magnus Pyke. His trustees gave engineers permission to sample archive recordings from the eccentric presenter's TV broadcasts, and he duets with Kurtis Blow on the chemistry based jam "Elements With Multiple Oxidation States".