David Ginola in surprise pork scratching endorsement

09/09/2011 16:22

Mark Grayson, Marketing Director of Red Mill Snacks, has revealed the new face of 'Mr Porky' Pork Scratchings: former Premiership footballer and French pin-up David Ginola.

David Ginola - The FigMr Porky: un scratching nommé désire.

Speaking exclusively to the Fig, Grayson quipped that "Red Mill are delighted to announce that the former French international has decided to swap frogs' legs for pigs' skins. For too long pork scratchings have been branded solely as a pub-based snack almost exclusively consumed by beer bellied men from the West Midlands. With David on board, we're aiming to stretch the appeal of our entire pork-based snack product range."

Ginola, a footballer whose questionable work-ethic lead to repeated under achievement at a string of Premiership clubs, has more recently established himself as the face of Cafe Noire. Red Mill are hoping that his effortless French charm will rub off on the Mr Porky brand.

When questioned, Grayson denied that Ginola's endorsement had anything to do with comments made by former Aston Villa manager John Gregory back in December 2000, when he suggested that the midfielder was 'carrying too much timber' .

Ginola himself has refused to confirm or deny whether he is a regular consumer of pork scratchings,  but claims he has tried the snack on several occasions during his playing days at Aston Villa. Speaking at a press conference to promote Mr Porky, Ginola said "Paul Merson used to organise tours of ze Black Country pubs in ze team minibus, and he'd get a few - how do you say in England -  "bags" - between rounds of drinks. Zat is, when he wasn't off his tits on amphetamines."