Ann Widdecombe to launch range of designer underwear

06/09/2011 15:16

Columnist, author and reality TV star Ann Widdecombe added to her list of non-political accomplishments by announcing that she is currently in talks with value retailer Peacocks to design and promote a range of 'Ann Widdecombe Designer Lingerie'.

Hello Boys - The FigWiddecome briefed her team of designers and marketeers to come up with a product that was "the antithesis of that slutty'Hello Boys' campaign".

Ms Widdecombe first had the idea following her eviction from Celebrity Fat Club, and the subsequent weight gain she suffered. But it was during her run on Strictly Come Dancing back in 2010 - where Anne insisted on wearing frumpy bras despite pleas from wardrobe bosses to don more flattering underwear - that the ex-Parliamentarian decided to turn the pipe dream into reality.

Speaking at a press event to promote the range, Ms Widdecombe confirmed that "The busy-bodies at BBC Television Centre wanted me to wear bras that would lift and separate, and knickers that would firm and hold, just so the silly costumes they put me in would look better. But I was having none of it!

"It was then that I had my 'Eureka!' moment. Throughout her life, a woman's weight will fluctuate; I realised that there was a gap in the market for underwear that looks no less attractive when accompanied with an extra stone or two of oscillating blubber."

Ms Widdecombe is now in direct competition with the likes of Elle Macpherson and Kylie Minogue - both of whom are celebrities from outside the fashion world who've designed and promoted their own underwear lines. The range, which should be in the shops by Christmas, will initially be available in 3 colours; Pus, Battleship Gusset and Menstrual Brown.