ABBA to reform as BABA

11/08/2011 12:12

Eurovision winning pop superstars ABBA will make a historic return to the charts thirty years after their last UK hit, only this time, founding member Bjorn Ulvaeus has said that the group will be known as 'BABA'.

ABBA - The FigBenny, Agnetha, the other one and Bjorn. Now a recluse, it's hard to belive that Agnetha spent much of 1970s feeling Anni-Frid's arse.

The Swedish quartet's name is famously an acronym of the first names of each member: Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Anni-Frid. And whilst the new moniker retains all the original letters, keyboardist and songwriter Björn Ulvaeus has insisted that for a series of much-anticipated concerts, the order in which the letters occur has to change.

Speaking exclusively to the Fig, Björn confessed that "It really pisses me off. For all those years, Agnetha's name came first. I'm not saying that she wasn't a great singer, but I played most of the instruments, co-wrote the songs with Benny, and spent hours in the studio with our engineers perfecting the distinctive ABBA sound.

"Once she'd laid down the vocal track, Agnetha usually pissed off round Stockholm city centre for the rest of the day in search of ridiculous platform boots. I think our new name is a fairer reflection of everyone's input into the band. I would have pushed for 'BBAA', but that stands for the 'British Berlin Airlift Association', apparently."

Siggy Öhlund runs the UK branch of the ABBA fan club from an adult bookstore in Marston Green. He doesn't think that Björn's decision to rename the band will lead to a wider acceptance of the guitarist's contributions. "Let's be honest, most people referred to the blokes in Abba as the beardy one and the guy who looks like a monkey. Hardly anyone knew which of the girls was Agnetha and which was Anni-Frid. It was always 'the blonde one who everyone wanted to shag', and the funny looking brunette with the wonky nose."