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Pam Ayres - The Fig Pam Ayres frontrunner to play the first female James Bond  The West Country writer, poet and broadcaster has emerged as the clear favourite to play the world's most famous secret agent... (more)

Hasselhoff Denier  - The FigDavid Irving starts jail sentence for 'Hasselhoff Denial'  The disgraced historian continues to dispute the role that David Hasselhoff played in the re-unification of Berlin... (m ore)

Ann Widdecombe to launch range of designer underwear

06/09/2011 15:16
Columnist, author and reality TV star Ann Widdecombe added to her list of non-political accomplishments by announcing that she is currently in talks with value retailer Peacocks to design and promote a range of 'Ann Widdecombe Designer...

A brief history of 'shrooms

02/09/2011 14:04
Stephen Hawking, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, confirmed what anyone who's attempted to read his impenetrable introduction to cosmology has long suspected; that the majority of his multi-million selling book 'A...

Are you Alex James?

01/09/2011 22:00
If you're Alex James, part time bass player with Blur, then you'll lamely quip how you've "exchanged hard drugs for soft cheese!" every time you pop up to plug your dairy produce/TV-show/shit newspaper column. There is only one way to be sure...
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How is your street party celebrating the Diamond Jubilee?

Lacing the cheese & pineapple chunks with MDMA (67)

Commemorative 'Corgi & Mushroom Dhansak' (41)

Urinating over effigy of Professor Richard Dawkins (62)

Total votes: 170

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Terry "can't promise not to moon" when England Squad visit Auschwitz.

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