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Pam Ayres - The Fig Pam Ayres frontrunner to play the first female James Bond  The West Country writer, poet and broadcaster has emerged as the clear favourite to play the world's most famous secret agent... (more)

Hasselhoff Denier  - The FigDavid Irving starts jail sentence for 'Hasselhoff Denial'  The disgraced historian continues to dispute the role that David Hasselhoff played in the re-unification of Berlin... (m ore)

Truss splits the infinitive: grammar Nazi makes rap debut

12/09/2011 09:13
Lynn Truss, the bestselling author of the book "Eats Shoots And Leaves", today defended her decision to appear on a controversial rap album that encourages young vulnerable adults to reject a life of crime and to return to higher...

David Ginola in surprise pork scratching endorsement

09/09/2011 16:22
Mark Grayson, Marketing Director of Red Mill Snacks, has revealed the new face of 'Mr Porky' Pork Scratchings: former Premiership footballer and French pin-up David Ginola. Mr Porky: un scratching nommé...

Scatting Laine insane in the brain

08/09/2011 11:27
She has delighted audiences around the world for over five decades and is credited with introducing generations of music fans to modern jazz singing. But in a touching interview with the fig, Cleo Laine's family reveal for the first time that the...
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Terry "can't promise not to moon" when England Squad visit Auschwitz.

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