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Pam Ayres - The Fig Pam Ayres frontrunner to play the first female James Bond  The West Country writer, poet and broadcaster has emerged as the clear favourite to play the world's most famous secret agent... (more)

Hasselhoff Denier  - The FigDavid Irving starts jail sentence for 'Hasselhoff Denial'  The disgraced historian continues to dispute the role that David Hasselhoff played in the re-unification of Berlin... (m ore)

Are you a crab?

01/09/2011 10:47
Crabs are arguably the United Kingdom's favourite crustaceans, despite being scavengers that live off dead fish. Could you be one? Complete this issue's Fig Questionnaire and find out. Land crabs make excellent household...

Are you in the Taliban?

01/09/2011 00:00
If you're a bearded misogynist bent on enforcing the most brutal interpretation of Sharia law that the world has ever seen, then you might be a member of the Taliban. Find out in this issue's questionnaire.   1.Whilst carrying out her...

ABBA to reform as BABA

11/08/2011 12:12
Eurovision winning pop superstars ABBA will make a historic return to the charts thirty years after their last UK hit, only this time, founding member Bjorn Ulvaeus has said that the group will be known as...
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How is your street party celebrating the Diamond Jubilee?

Lacing the cheese & pineapple chunks with MDMA (67)

Commemorative 'Corgi & Mushroom Dhansak' (41)

Urinating over effigy of Professor Richard Dawkins (62)

Total votes: 170

News roundup

Terry "can't promise not to moon" when England Squad visit Auschwitz.

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The Power Of Noel Edmunds - The Fig